Historian Who Has Followed 8 Presidents Says Trump Is Best to Handle Virus Crisis

Author, historian, and former presidential adviser Doug Wead, who has followed every president since Gerald R. Ford, has been doing a back-of-the-envelope comparison of how the seven most recent presidents would have handled the crisis — and if they would have been successful.

The current fight favors a president quick to decide, willing to let businesses help out, friendly with the media, and with “a deep desire to do it right,” said Wead, whose latest book is Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency.

Of the seven, he told us none had everything going for them, but two had three of four needed traits: Trump and Bill Clinton.

Here are his findings.

On President Donad Trump, Doug Wead says “He was born for this moment. He has a strong desire to handle it well. He knows how to bring back the economy in a way that Obama couldn’t. He has the confidence and optimism of Reagan and no help from the media.”

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